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نوامبر 29, 2013
NIM’s were down just 2 bps to 3
نوامبر 30, 2013

The sad part of all of this, moncler outlet sale I don think

effect on the federal government

The old saying is you can fight city hall.

And the frustration being felt moncler outlet prices by Americans with that city is palpable. We are lied to, pandered to, taken advantage of and taken for granted. And election after election, we watch the quality of our lives and our country continue to ebb away.

Love them moncler sale online or hate them, they are making a difference, changing the debate. When the conservative faction of the Republican Party was formed, it subscribed to a set of principles that, surprise, it continues to cling to today.

Tea party movement members said they would go to Washington and work for smaller government, lower taxes, less spending and uk moncler outlet a general disengagement of the federal government from our everyday lives.

Now granted, their recipe for success doesn appeal moncler womens jackets to everyone.

But the point worth making here is this:

It is possible to fight Washington. They just finished doing it with the debt ceiling fiasco. The government was brought to its knees and cheap moncler sale made to look absolutely cheap moncler jackets womens silly by a small group in the House of moncler sale outlet Representatives just 60 out of 435 members.

They came to Washington and did exactly what they said they would do. That doesn happen often in Washington.

But there is a lesson here for all of us:

Vote in enough numbers for the people you believe in and can trust, and who knows what might be possible.

Here’s my question to you: What your impression of the effect the tea party has had on the federal government?

Tune in to the Situation Room at 5pm to see if Jack reads your answer on air.

And, we love to know where you’re writing from, so please include moncler outlet woodbury your city and state with your comment.

I think it about time that a group was able to seriously make Washington rethink the way it does business. They finally did what the American people wanted by getting Government to start making a few cuts and liberals refer to them as terrorists. I not sure what it going to moncler outlet take for Biden and his other buddies that have been in Washington for decades to get that we tired of as usual It remarkable that liberals have self professed that the only way you can get them to make any cuts is to act like terrorists.

I heard on FIX NEWS a talking head speaking about the need of the contrasting views of the Tea Party in building a strong democracy. I couldn help think that is like saying Al Qaeda is needed to moncler usa contrast true freedom.

We all live our lives in paradox; sad and happy, light and dark, good and evil, etc. psychologically we need that moncler outlet store paradoxical symbolism.

However, when one small group of people led by narrow visioned moncler uk outlet extremists try and control others through fear and threat in order to virtually imprison others to adhere to their extreme one sided beliefs, to lock all people in their small suffocating box of absolute ideology no matter the harm to the greater majority, is something I thought was extinguished in 1945 and today is called terrorism.

How sad the rest of us have become when we allow any group to dictate the intellectual, emotional, and living freedoms of the majority.

The problem is unemployment, it increases the burden on related moncler outlet https://www.monclerdownjacket.biz the Federal moncler online store Government social security etc, and reduces revenue taxes. The US economy was on a razors edge, what the best moncler jackets Tea Party did was kill consumer confidence (generates jobs) and killed business confidence (generates jobs), harm the US global economic standing.

So they have pushed the US back into recession, QE 1 and 2 are now redundant so there will have to be a 3rd QE, but if there is no confidence in the economy then QE is not as effective and at some point in the future after pumping all that stimulus into the discount moncler jackets economy we will face inflation and that will force up interest rates, because QE 1 and 2 are still in play and then we add 3 on top of it.

The whole point regardless of cheap moncler jackets mens the debt ceiling deal it was passed, so why could it not be passed weeks ago, why all the threats to default, why at the last minute. What did they achieve only ruining the economy.

Their policies will force up unemployment to 20 to 25% how does that make the economy better, so they get harsh and fast spending cuts and we get 25% unemployment. That is a depression. say, be careful which side you take, it may come back to bite you on the backside! It did!

Wonder who approval rating will fall the furthest, Obama or the Party So far the Tea Party is winning, that if you don listen to Fox!! LOL

Not much jack. First off there is not enough of them to sway a vote one way or the other unless a large group of other people are willing to vote like they do. The Tea Party is a movement with less then a hundred thousand registered members. A hundred thousand members is a drop in the bucket of the voting pool. The worst thing about the Tea party is that no mater how pure at heart they are or how much they want cheap moncler coats mens to change the way things are done in government they are the children in the political cesspool. They are moncler sale kept in the kiddy end of the pool while the older parental congressional members teach them how it is in Washington. This way nothing can ever change because the children grow up to be just like their parents.

If Bush took us to illegal war in Iraq, based on lies, with executive order, the current, puppet, president now in office could pull rank do the right thing. He could tax the wealthiest as is fair which would only put those greedy, (pretending to create jobs like the trickle down effect is reallly working), people back to the same tax Fhrer Puppet Bush, unjustly, removed. The tea partiers, unwittingly, represent this atrocity act against all of our best interests. Yes, so far this bogus base is effecting Obama he needs to make it right.

The tea party might have started out on right foot but ended up filled with right wing extremist. Their game plan was and moncler outlet online still is, don give an inch, win at all cost uk moncler sale without negotiating. Germans had the same philosophy in WWII on the Russian front and we all know how that turned out. This is the main reason why nothing can get done. The sad part of all of this, moncler outlet sale I don think they even cheap moncler jackets realize it or they do not care. All you have to do is look at us through the eye of the rest of the world. Then maybe you can understand why the stock markets are falling and we look like idiots. The tea party is in until the next election I just hope we can survive until then.

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