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: Why Congress Defeat In Karnataka Is A Respectable OneMihir

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hermes replica : After The Hug The Dilemmas BJP And Congress Both ConfrontMihir Swarup Sharma Saturday, July 21, 2018For the BJP, while Prime Minister Narendra Modi turned in his usual aggressive performance, it would be an irritant that the PM was Hermes Kelly Replica essentially upstaged by Rahul Gandhi and his made for TV hug followed by that wink.: What Supreme Court Verdict Says About Kejriwal And ModiMihir Swarup Sharma Wednesday, July 4, 2018Whatever a somewhat desperate sounding pack of Bharatiya Janata Party spokespersons might say, the Supreme Court’s judgment in the Delhi government’s case against its Lieutenant Governor is a big victory for the people of Delhi and, if only incidentally, for the Aam Aadmi Party.: Why Congress Defeat In Karnataka Is A Respectable OneMihir Swarup Sharma Tuesday, May 15, 2018Yet the BJP, as Hermes Replica well, has a bit of introspection to do. Hermes Belt Replica It has come to rely far too much on the Prime Minister’s charisma, and its own belief that it will shape the narrative to its advantage.: Dear BJP And Congress, Spare Us Your FastsMihir Swarup Sharma Friday, April 13, 2018Listen, politicians: Nobody wants you to stop eating. Have breakfast hermes replica.

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