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My recent hub warns against these ultra negative persons

Do people realize there is a war against natural medicine going on

There are a number of organized groups with vehement leadership who want to subdue those who want to boost their immune systems with natural methods. They use circular reasoning and illogic. They do not connect the mind/body system. My recent hub warns against these ultra negative persons. See “Beware Articles Against Homeopathy” and speak up before it is too Canada Goose Online late.

my boyfriend and i were Canada Goose Coats On Sale JUST talking about this!

is this in reference to the bill being proposed by senator mccain regarding the FDA and dietary supplements?!honestly knew this was coming though. the information is there, and the motivation (look at the average person’s health and diet!) but people don’t want to know. and don’t you dare tell them, because they don’t. want. to. know. canada goose coats on sale lol

until it effects them.(Q)posted 8 years agoin reply to this

While it is commendable that Hahnemann may have brought the quackery canada goose uk black friday of leeches and bloodletting to light as nonsense, he merely replaced one form of quackery with another.

This uk canada goose isn’t a matter of prejudice and making sweeping statements, it is Canada Goose online a matter of homeopathy not producing results beyond a placebo.

Hence, the harm it uk canada goose outlet does is dissuade buy canada goose jacket people from getting treatment for their Canada Goose sale ailments canada goose store causing them to get worse or die.

Water does little to cure those ailments.

Tatjana Mihaelaposted 8 years agoin reply to this

About your link: there are fanatics everywhere. This has nothing to do with homeopathy this couple are canada goose clearance bad parents, and they would do mistake with any other way of healing. this is type of the people who just do not know how canada goose to treat baby. There are many such examples.

I can give you list of examples I know where Doctors almost killed (or killed) or gave completely wrong dyagnosis to Canada Goose Parka the people and completely wrong medicines and treatmants (especially surgical), but what would be canada goose coats the point of that? It does not mean that all doctors are killers.

Anyway, in my country many like it Canada Goose Outlet Doctors practice homeopathy.

gobsmackedposted 8 years agoin reply to this

Yes you are right, they were very bad parents for cheap canada goose uk treating their child with form of “medicine” based on an unproven theory and for not seeking help before it was too late.

You also accuse them of being fanatics which is exactly what the judge implied Canada Goose Outlet when he sent them to buy canada goose jacket cheap jail.

And yes Debby one example means very canadian goose jacket little but it canada goose uk shop means a lot more than the wealth of anecdotal “evidence” littering this hub.

As you know the UK canada goose black friday sale government Science and Technology Select Committee demolished the evidence put Canada Goose Jackets before them by homeopaths. Have you got anything better to offer?

Feel free to huff and puff and throw insults, lies and quite frankly paranoid rambilings back. As I told you before I find your comments really funny.

She rahposted 8 years agoin reply to this

HA, ha, ha! I agree, Sarahtom, ignorance is bliss! Lets hope (Q) doesn’t ever end up with something the doctors can’t find or fix. I just published a series on my rare autoimmune disorder, canada goose clearance sale that took docs 24yrs to find. I had to use all natural treatments and have been able to go into remission cheap Canada Goose by canada goose factory sale doing so. Experimental surgery was my other option. I prefer to say natural treatments or alternative medicine instead of “homeopathy”. Wonder if (Q) ever takes vitamin C, vitamins, or drinks OJ when canada goose uk outlet a cold is coming on?! We all know that would never help the common cold.

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